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We are specialists in dosing, mixing and colouring plastic materials!
You will receive accurate and reliable technology from us – for injection moulding machines or extruders.

Expand your capabilities with KOCH-TECHNIK!



(Pre-) Mixing

We provide you with flexible solutions for mixing and dosing plastics that make your company more economical.

Our pre-mixers mix plastics e.g. granulates, ground material or free-flowing powder with masterbatch or additives.

The homogeneous mixing is the basis for further processing – in injection moulding, extrusion or blow moulding.



Dosing and Colouring

With our dosing solutions, you achieve the highest accuracy when dosing masterbatch or additives to a main material.

We offer volumetric and gravimetric dosing solutions to dose additive substances into a plastic material that is then processed in the injection moulding machine or in the extruder.

When colouring, exactly the same shades are achieved.


Pre-mixer for injection moulding machines

Pre-mixer for extruders and blow moulding machines

Dosing and colouring

Control units