We are specialists in dosing, mixing and colouring plastic materials!
You will receive accurate and reliable technology from us – for injection moulding machines or extruders.

Expand your capabilities with KOCH-TECHNIK!


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(Pre-) Mixing

We provide you with flexible solutions for mixing and dosing plastics that make your company more economical.

Our pre-mixers mix plastics e.g. granulates, ground material or free-flowing powder with masterbatch or additives.

The homogeneous mixing is the basis for further processing – in injection moulding, extrusion or blow moulding.


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Dosing and Colouring

With our dosing solutions, you achieve the highest accuracy when dosing masterbatch or additives to a main material.

We offer volumetric and gravimetric dosing solutions to dose additive substances into a plastic material that is then processed in the injection moulding machine or in the extruder.

When colouring, exactly the same shades are achieved.


Premezcladores para máquinas de moldeo por inyección

Premezcladores para extrusoras

Dosificación y coloreado

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