We offer peripherals for material supply of your plastics processing. Our compact and single conveyors transport material quickly and cleanly to injection moulding machines or extruders.

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Compact conveyors

We have kept these conveyors very compact in their design. The vacuum generator for suction conveying needs only 230 V and is integrated directly in the conveying hood. Regardless of whether your processing machine shall be supplied with new goods, ground material or free-flowing powder: our compact conveyors ensure a dust-free material transport.

Therefore, our compact conveyors are the ideal solution for supplying processing machines from containers or dryers.

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Single conveyors

Single conveyors are used for transporting large required quantities over longer conveying distances. The material conveyors have a separate 400 V vacuum generator. High performance, freedom from maintenance and a long life are just a few of the benefits of material transport with these conveyors.

Our single conveyors transport dust-free new material, ground material or free-flowing powder and are ideal for continuous operation.

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