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Soluciones digitales

We support your company on the way to digital transformation.

Expand your capabilities!

Soluciones digitales

In the near future, Industry 4.0 will show itself in a cross-industry and cross-technology integration of processes and systems that communicate with each other in an autonomous way.

koch technik Industry 4

KOCH-TECHNIK und Industrie 4.0

Expand your capabilities

Industry 4.0 is a major technological change taking place in Germany and the whole world. Production processes are being coupled with state-of-the-art information and communication technology.

For you as a plastics processor, that means the following: Our devices and systems are becoming a part of the networked communication between all systems of your company, which is advantageous because the value-added processes in your production are aligned as needed and much more optimally.

With our monitoring software, we offer an interface between the material supply system and your manufacturing execution system via the future-oriented communication standard OPC-UA.

Expand your capabilities: We are ready for Industry 4.0. – as soon as you are!

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