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Próxima feria: 10. - 12.05. //  KUTENO  // Rheda-Wiedenbrück (Germany) // Booth K18

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Advantages of two existing drying concepts combined in a new drying unit


KOCH-TECHNIK presents its latest EKO-N dryer and the new mobile and flexible volumetric dosing control units

Werner Koch Maschinentechnik GmbH is to present its product range at the largest international plastics fair K 2019 in Düsseldorf this October. Our experts are going to reaffirm that the Ispringen plant is a leading provider of a complete range of equipment for mixing, dosing, conveying and drying of plastic materials at a familiar location in Hall 10, stand A21. In order to show visitors the way our flexible systems work, we have installed a large number of instruments at K fair. We will also demonstrate a number of devices in operation. The innovations to be presented by KOCH-TECHNIK include a new drying unit and new mobile control units for volumetric dosing.

KOCH-TECHNIK has been working on further development of its series of dryers, so it can introduce a new type of dry air dryer under the name of EKO-N at the K 2019 in Düsseldorf. KOCH-TECHNIK, specializing in peripherals, has combined the advantages of two successful CKT and EKO drying concepts in this dryer, thus creating a new drying unit. EKO-N is available in 8 various construction sizes ranging from 110 to 2,000 (m³/h).

Its optical design is not the only attractive feature, though. The concept of the heat exchanger with the piping system taken from the EKO dryers has been further improved in the EKO-N series and proves its quality there as well. As the heat is recuperated, energy consumption is reduced by 20 to 30%, depending on the material drying temperature. The average energy consumption decreases with constant quality.

In addition to the standard blower with frequency regulation (from the construction volume of 300 m³ / h) the new dryer is also equipped with KOCH ÖKO’s patented energy management, which intelligently adapts to the drying process to save energy and protect the material, to ensure maximum energy savings. By combining dew point control, ÖKO equipment and blowers with frequency regulation, up to 50% energy savings can be achieved when drying the granulate. Thanks to the modular system from KOCH, various drying containers with a capacity of 20 to 600 litres can be integrated into EKO-N dryers. EKO-N dryers are available in 8 various construction sizes 110-2,000 (m³/h).

The user can display all relevant operating conditions and information and they can adjust parameters, such as drying time, temperature and dwell time, at any time, using the 10.4-inch touch panel. Safe operation of the dryer itself is ensured by micro filters, overload protection, air check and temperature limiter. The drying process is constantly monitored via sensors. Dry air with a dew point of -55 ° C can be produced in order to absorb moisture from the granulated plastic and to achieve the required residual moisture content of the dried material.

Using an Ethernet connection, the EKO-N device can be connected to the corporate network to control the drying centrally via Koch visualization software. For other use in industrial automation, i.e. for the practical application in plastics processing within Industry 4.0, the new dryers equipped with the OPC-UA open interface standard allow data exchange between production machines and peripherals independent of the manufacturer.

Connectivity, user-friendliness and easy handling in production machines thanks to new mobile and flexible volumetric dosing control units

With its novelty in the field of mixing and dosing, i.e. mobile and flexible SLT and MCT-type controllers for upstream volumetric mixers and dosing stations, KOCH-Technik emphasizes connectivity, user-friendliness and easy handling in its production machines. All that is underlined with a simple and intuitive user interface on a 7-inch touch screen. The required process parameters are calculated fully automatically. This results in continuously uniform dosing.

The device now features extended recipe memory, user-friendly recipe management, language switching, password and user hierarchy, alarm output for an optional fault detector, alarm history and more. A USB output allows data loading and backup and software updates. Thanks to easy connection to the company network via Ethernet connector, users have the advantage of central dosing control with KOCH visualization software. Thanks to an advanced OPC-UA communication standard, SLT and MCT controllers offer all aspects of data exchange between material feed to machines and the Manufacturing Execution System (MES), or ERP, respectively.

On the way to the “Smart Factory”, KOCH-Technik meets all the prerequisites for the digital automation of material supply and continuously optimizes individual steps of the value chain. What this means for our customers: our material supply peripheral equipment communicates with all systems in the company via the network. This allows the production value chain to be optimally adjusted to suit your needs. Thanks to the visualization, the comprehensive supply of material—including granulated plastic drying—is transparently integrated into the hierarchy of your management system.  This way, every step for the material can be planned and executed up to the last detail in accordance with the given order.

Maximum efficiency, maximum uptime and comprehensive project care are at the forefront in KOCH-Technik.

You can see our devices and equipment on production machines at our partners ARBURG (Hall 13 - Stand A13), Billion (Hall 15 - Stand B24), Roboplas (Hall 1 - Stand C97), Ilsemann (Hall 10 - Stand A56), Foboha (Hall 1 - Stand C50), Hesta (Hall 14 - Stand A40), Stork (Hall 13 - Stand D72) and Plasmatreat (Hall 10 - Stand G04).